Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Virtually Unhittable

I knew a little about Rich Harden, but I haven't had a chance to watch him pitch. I missed his first start as a Cub when he went 5 1/3 with 10 strikeouts. However, I just read this article on his mechanics and pitches. Check out how filthy his fastball / change-up combo is:

Scroll halfway down the page to the "Stuff" section.

I can't believe how similar those pitches look until a few feet away from the batter. No wonder this guy strikes everyone out. His stuff is bordering on unfair.

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Cub Tattoo said...

Thats 2 wicked pitches. The tailing fastball is unhittable and the curve starts at his waist and ends at this ankles!

The mechanics stuff is interesting. If the change in mechanics keeps him healthy, he will be golden for us. Also we have him next year before he gets a contract. Nothing to lose, everything to win here with Harden. GoDanGo is a big bonus too. Hendry rules!